FOAL Educates the Public about Wild Horses

FOAL has been busy this year… educating the public about wild horses at the following events:

Presentation to the Park County Historical Society in March

Earth Day Celebration for Park County – FOAL participated in the Earth Day Celebration at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West on April 22nd.  Board members answered questions, presented their slide-show video and distributed educational materials to those who visited our table.  The event had 757 guests – very impressive, especially considering only 200 to 400 attendees were expected to come.

Wildlife and Flora in the McCullough Peaks – Presented in May by Board Members Michaele Dimock and Cheri Kreitzmann to a homeschooler group in the Park County Library.

Natural History Days – In June, FOAL Board Member Michaele Dimock and BLM Range Technician Alicia Brown shared information about the McCullough Peaks terrain and wildlife, as well as mustang behavior, challenges, adoption (for those removed during gathers) and freeze branding.  The two Cody 6th grade classes (and accompanying parents) enjoyed this two-hour presentation from a campground picnic table, alongside a burbling stream!

Science Kids – FOAL lent a hand with the “Science Kids” program in June, accompanying 12 schoolchildren, teachers and professional photographer to learn about the wild horses and the environment they live in.  Unfortunately, the mustangs were off on the opposite side of the Herd Management Area so they weren’t seen, but everyone seemed to have a great time taking pictures and enjoying the field trip.