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FOAL is excited about this year’s “Cody & Beyond” magazine which just hit the newstands!

Cody & Beyond Mag004FOAL sent a personal thank you letter to Kelly Bower, author of the article on the McCullough Peaks wild horses, to say what a phenomenal job she did and to express our appreciation that she took the time to get quotes from Mike Williams (Marathon), Steve Mantle (Contract wild horse trainer for the BLM), Jake Stephens (Adopter), Tricia Hatle (BLM), Jay Kirkpatrick (The Science and Conservation Center), and many of the FOAL board members.

June’s Trip to the Science and Conservation Center

targetExecutive Director Marion Morrison, and board members Marshall Dominick, Sue Forst, and Michaele Dimock visited with Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick and his staff at the Science and Conservation Center in Billings, Montana to see first-hand the manufacturing process of Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP). FOAL members gained a real appreciation for all the labor-intensive steps needed to produce this high-quality, safe, fertility-control vaccine from frozen pig ovaries! A slideshow, lunch, tour of the new SCC educational wing and target-practice area rounded off the visit and left everyone with new ideas as to how FOAL might help other wild horse advocacy groups work cooperatively with the BLM to keep the mustangs on the open range.

Seeking Grants, Partnerships and Donations to fund the McCullough Peaks Water Projects

Seeking grants from organizations such as the WWNRT (Wyoming Wildlife & Natural Resource Trust), funds from the WRC (Winter Recreation Coalition) and working partnerships with the Cody BLM Office and Marathon Oil, are just some of the ways that FOAL is helping to meet the water needs of wild horses, livestock, and wildlife living in the McCullough Peaks. Through donations, FOAL has also been able to repair reservoirs throughout the Peaks to contain the precious water that comes from winter melt and spring rains.WWNRT Tour

2nd Annual ‘Spring into Yellowstone’ Event a huge success in May!

FOAL once again provided three guided tours for visitors wishing to see the wild horses, wildlife, flora and fauna of the beautiful 110,000 acre McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area. The tours were fun and well attended!Spring-Into-Yellowstone

Natural History Days (May 15th & 20th)

FOAL board member Michaele Dimock, BLM Range Management Specialist Patricia Hatle and BLM Assistant Alicia Brown were invited to participate in Cody Public School’s “Natural History Days” event, held at Dead Indian Campground in beautiful Sunlight Basin. Our dynamic team of three taught ten 6th graders all about wild horses and the McCullough Peaks. They learned about the flora & fauna of the Peaks, the behavior of horses, the challenges they face in the wild, freeze-branding and darting the horses with the PZP fertility control vaccine. It was fun day, in a beautiful setting… and we did an awesome job! natural history days2

Stallion Tecumseh makes a full recovery

A number of visitors to the McCullough Peaks were upset to learn that the handsome black tobiano stallion, Tecumseh, had been seriously injured and lost his colorful harem. Tricia Hatley, Range Management Specialist for the BLM responded with this explanation, “Most of the time when a harem stallion looses his band he does not get them back and quite often he does not even try to get any mares back. It is really hard to say or know which stallion beat up on Tecumseh since we did not witness it, but generally it is the older bachelors that challenge to take over a harem. I do believe that it looks like fighting injuries though. I saw Tecumseh yesterday (from a distance) and he looked fine.” We’re happy to say that Tecumseh is healing well and here’s a June 16 photo to prove it!

Cody & Beyond Mag005