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Kimberly M. Frank, Jay F. Kirkpatrick and Robin O. Lyda

The Science and Conservation Center, Billings, MT

 The staff of the Science and Conservation Center, in Billings, MT will present a public talk in the Grizzly Room of the Cody Library, on Thursday, November 5, at 1:00 PM. The talk will address a more humane approach to wild horse stewardship, through fertility control, rather than round ups and removal.

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Currently there are about 40 different wild horse populations, in the U.S., Canada and Europe that are being managed by means of fertility control, on federal lands, sanctuaries, and reservations. In addition to providing population control, this approach allows for eliminating the need to capture animals, the contraceptive effects are reversible, allowing for sustained populations, it is safe for pregnant animals, does not interfere with fundamental social organization or behaviors, has no short- or long-term debilitating health side effects, is relatively low cost and is federally approved.

Among those 40 wild horse populations being managed by fertility control is the McCullough Peaks herd, which has been one of the most successful projects. In only three years the herd’s growth has been brought to zero, balancing new foals with mortality rates, thus eliminating the need for stressful ad costly round ups and removals. At the same time, the health of the horses is improving and they are living longer.

The management project is a collaborative effort with the Cody Field Office of the BLM and the local advocacy group, Friends of a Legacy (FOAL). Foal members assist the BLM on a volunteer basis with population counts, horse identification, and actual treatment of the animals with the vaccine and data collection. This has resulted in less disruption of the herd and a significant savings for the taxpayer.

The talk will cover why historic removal methods no longer work, the biology of the contraceptive vaccine, what has been accomplished, and the role of the Science and Conservation Center, in Billings, in aiding this effort.


The Science and Conservation Center, in Billings, MT, produced the federally approved contraceptive vaccine PZP, conducts quality control for the vaccine, distributes it, trains personnel to use it properly, as required by law, and maintains a massive data base for all animals treated. The organization is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit, with a mission of developing and applying non-lethal methods of wildlife population control.