Developing Projects with Attainable Goals

FOAL has developed projects with attainable goals.  We started out with smaller projects which were successfully completed and which helped to establish our credibility as a legitimate, grass-roots, hard-working group.

Initial and on-going FOAL Projects:

  1. Cleaned-up debris and old fencing materials on the HMA. We have enlisted help from local church groups, Montana Conservation Corps, and the HSUS.
  2. Purchased private property adjacent to the HMA which gives us a physical presence where the wild horses live and can be seen. This is also the future site of an interpretive kiosk that will be dedicated to education about and advocacy for the wild horses.
  3. Refurbished informational signs about the wild horses at five entrances to the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area.
  4. Removed the bottom two strands of barbed wire from a six wire fence in the HMA. FOAL partnered with the BLM and the local Audubon chapter on this project, mainly to benefit antelope and sage-grouse.
  5. Partnered with the BLM, Marathon Oil and numerous others to develop reliable water sources within the HMA.
  6. Provided educational programs in local grade schools and museums.
  7. Worked with Northwest College graphic art students to develop signs for an interpretive trail, which have been set up on the FOAL property.
  8. Funded improvements and restoration of numerous reservoirs within the HMA, and paid for water to be trucked to reservoirs during drought years.
  9. Partnered with the BLM in field darting mares with an equine contraceptive inoculation (PZP - porcine zona pellucida) to prevent conception of foals. Also developed and maintain a system for tracking the life-span and progeny of every horse in the HMA.