How You Can Help

Make a Donation
Your donation says the McCullough Peaks mustangs are important to you! FOAL will use your money wisely to educate the public, enhance the habitat for all creatures living within the HMA, and assist the BLM in managing the wild horses in the McCullough Peaks herd.
Volunteer your time & talent
Whether it's your passion for mustangs, the desire to make a positive impact in the Big Horn Basin, or helping FOAL become known as the country's most successful wild horse advocacy group... WE WELCOME YOUR HELP!
FOAL Gift Store
Each item in the FOAL store has been created as a 'labor of love' - to honor these very special mustangs.
Sponsor a Mustang Family
Each mustang in the McCullough Peaks HMA has a story to tell. Born into a family with a lead stallion, mother, siblings and supporting mares, they learn the roles and rules for survival in this high desert environment. FOAL hopes you will see your sponsored family as an integral part of the whole McCullough Peaks herd.