FOAL Supports Merit Energy Company’s Speece Cone Technology

January 1, 1970

Merit Energy Company is currently evaluating the feasibility of treating the Oregon Basin effluent using an innovative treatment (Speece Cone) technology.  Rather than pumping water back into the ground, it can be treated in a re-circulation loop to oxidize and remove sulfide, making this mineral-rich produced water available for agriculture, wildlife,   and habitat enhancement purposes.

The McCullough Peaks HMA is a high desert environment, encompassing 120,412 acres and receives an average of five to nine inches of precipitation each year, so water availability is a critical issue.

Having a dependable watering source along the produced water drainages has (and will) create thousands of acres of wildlife habitat by increasing forage and cover, which in turn reduces erosion and improves soil quality.  Because the water is warm at the point of discharge, it remains an accessible source of water later in the year and under extreme weather conditions. For these reasons, FOAL supports the Speece Cone project – as a way to ensure that wild horses thrive on our public lands.