What Has FOAL Been Up To? LOTS!!!

Here are some of our recent projects improving the health of the wild horses and their habitat:

  • The multi-year Dry Creek Water Augmentation Project, worth over $250,000, was completed with partners Marathon Oil, Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the National Wild Turkey Federation. 

Through the system of pumps and pipelines, water flows to five reservoirs – Magpie, La Commode, Rock, Bubblicious and Cow Pie. One remote reservoir, Poison, was repaired and reshaped to once again capture precious precipitation and runoff in the McCullough Peaks. The size, dam’s condition and use of liners used all of our $5,000 budget.

  • FOAL volunteers refurbished or replaced five large signs in the Herd Management Area (HMA), reminding visitors that the mustangs are indeed wild and protected by the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act.
  • FOAL continued to support BLM’s fertility-control and training programs at the Science & Conservation Center in Billings, where the serum is produced.

In 2017 we are planning even more projects:

  • Starting with two days of volunteering with BLM and Weed & Pest District staff to spray invasive species that deplete water resources in the HMA.
  • There are also four reservoirs in line for repair: Snickers, Navigator, The Bridge and Surprise.  Each reservoir repaired improves habitat by reducing grazing density and extending the range available to the wild horses and other fauna utilizing the public land east of Cody.