Highway 32 Fence Modification – 3 Miles Completed!

Many thanks to FOAL board members John McGee and Cheri Kreitzmann for assisting Destin Harrell (Wildlife Biologist in the Cody BLM Field Office) in a project to modify a fence which runs along the east side of the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area.

By replacing the current wire with “wildlife friendly” smooth wire, nearly 8000 antelope will be able to complete their winter migration path into the Whistle Creek area, north of Emblem, Wyoming.

Here is Destin’s email about their progress:


Hey Everyone,
Thanks so much for the work and partnership on this project. WYDOT got a really good head start rolling up wire, which made for fast moving work, unspooling smooth wire, stretching the wire, and tacking in staples. Thanks FOAL for getting the word out and providing volunteers! This was so much fun working with partners on this project.
Stay tuned, we have another stretch or two on this highway that we would like to modify maybe next year. These sites have good visibility for crossing antelope. We’ll keep you all posted on the plan. See a couple attached photos of the project.
Destin Harrell, BLM, Cody Field Office, Wildlife Biologist