Meet the Mustangs & Sponsor Them Too!

FOAL is trying out a new sponsorship program!  Four family trees have been created for sponsorship, and for your donation of $75.00 we will send you (1) glossy 8″x10″ photo of the family tree, (1) 5″x7″ photo of the featured mustang, and a letter of appreciation.

Family Tree Sponsorship

SPONSOR A Mustang Family!
SPONSOR A Mustang Family!
Your sponsorship will have a direct impact on the mustangs by eliminating or reducing the need for future gathers ~ Ensuring water is available year-round ~ Maintaining the habitat by controlling noxious weeds ~ Educating the public that these horses belong to the American people and unless protected, they will not be around for future generations.



Meet the Stallions (Click Photo for a Second or Larger Image)

Meet the Mares (Click Photo for a Second or Larger Image)