BLM Marathon FOAL photo at Capital Bldg with caption 900x500Dry Creek Water Augmentation Project

The Dry Creek Water Augmentation Project is a partnership between the BLM Cody Field Office, Marathon Oil Corporation and Friends of a Legacy (FOAL) dedicated toward finding additional sources of water to feed the Dry Creek drainage, now that the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has required Marathon Oil to reduce the amount of produced water it may release into Dry Creek.

Phase I of the project included the identification of water supply development (reservoir enhancement, groundwater wells, guzzlers, etc.) and implementation of plans to capture, contain or conserve the available surface water.  This was accomplished by installing a shallow groundwater well on BLM property (within yards of the FOAL property) that could supply an adequate quantity and quality of groundwater, to be contained within a water guzzler, with the overflow pouring into Dry Creek. In addition, five reservoirs were cleaned out in the HMA, which are critical for capturing spring snow melt.

3-Tree ReservoirWater Quality TestingPhase II (currently in progress) August 2015 was a successful month for Phase II of the Water Augmentation Project.  The FOAL well site was brought back into service, as Dry Creek had finally ceased to flow after a fairly wet spring and early summer. A local construction company mobilized materials and equipment to the la Commode Reservoir site the week of August 10th. The following week its lining was finished and the final cover was placed on the points of use. During the week of August 24th the same was completed at the Magpie Reservoir site, including having a Boss Tank water guzzler installed, valve installation completed, and exclusion fence installed. A small guzzler will soon be installed on the FOAL property.

FOAL Water Work002Well YieldStock Tank Options 1Marathon has operated in this area since 1917 and has partnered with the BLM on numerous resource improvement projects. To ensure the success of the Dry Creek Water Augmentation Project, Marathon has secured grants and provides funding to National Wild Turkey Federation and Wyoming Wildlife Heritage Trust to implement fieldwork and other projects.

Memorandum of Understanding with the Bureau of Land Management

In 2006 FOAL was granted non-profit 501 (c)(3) status by the IRS and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the BLM for “…coordination and cooperation between the BLM and FOAL on opportunities for public education, to enhance the habitat for all creatures living within the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse HMA, and to assist the BLM in managing the wild horses in the McCullough Peaks herd.”

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